Agatha, NLU and turning customer support agents into geniuses


nlu vs nlp

Chatbots receive customer queries and complaints, analyze them, before generating a suitable response. Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence within computer science that focuses on helping computers to understand the way that humans write and speak. This is a difficult task because it involves a lot of unstructured data.

nlu vs nlp

If the visitor indicates he or she is checking on an order, the bot will most likely offer a login link or ask if the visitor needs a user ID or password reminder. If the user has forgotten the account password, the bot may provide an opportunity to recover the password by text or email. Depending on the user response, the bot will offer a specific next action. Simon Brennan has more than 14 years’ experience in the customer engagement sector, working with a wide variety of companies from tech start-ups to FTSE100 organisations.

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In short, it is critical to understand how these capabilities are coordinated, harnessed and optimised. Both interaction systems must be optimised, and this is where process and knowledge come into play. This category typically wants to do better, learn and improve their resume, so having a platform to facilitate this is fundamental.

Auto summarisation will remove work for the agent, distilling a perfect brief for the next interaction. Agent Assist will also track compliance requirements within the call or chat session so that no call is left before the appropriate steps are taken. While chatbots and conversational AI share the common goal of facilitating human-computer interactions, they differ significantly in their capabilities and underlying technologies.

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It is a snippet of information the chatbot needs to understand in order to serve the correct answer. And with everything moving towards automation, AI chatbots will become more mainstream. According to recent stats, about

73% of customers anticipate companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, while

70% of clients even spend more when offered a personalized service. In such a competitive landscape as the financial services industry, where customers have numerous options to choose from, the quality of customer service has emerged as a crucial differentiator.

nlu vs nlp

The hype about “revolutionary” technologies and game-changing innovations is nothing new. Every few months, a groundbreaking technology emerges to excite internet chatter, fuel the marketing machines and, depending on your perspective, either save or destroy the world. This is a complex sentence with positive and negative comments, along with a churn risk.

Conversational AI is more likely to understand the context of the question and may even go a step further to provide various alternatives to the user’s query. Using conversational AI can therefore nlu vs nlp decrease business costs both in terms of cost of compensation and time spent. They’re usually not useful for conversations that require them to understand what customers are saying intelligently.

nlu vs nlp