LSTA Grant Documents

LSTA 2011-12 Final Report

LSTA 2010 Final Report

LSTA 2009 Final Report

LSTA 2008 Final Report

LSTA 2007 Interim Report

LSTA 2007 Proposal

LSTA 2005 Final Report

LSTA 2004 Final Report

Strategic Planning Documents

Business Plan, 2008-

Digital Collections Committee Year One Plan, 2007

SCDL Five Year Plan, Draft

Digital Library White Paper

Needs and Resources Survey, Executive Summary

History & and Development of SCDL

Pathway to Program

Boyd, Kate, Heather Gilbert, and Chris Vinson. “South Carolina Digital Library: What is it and where is it going?” SCLA Journal  Vol 2 Issue 1 (2016): 6 pag. Web 4 February 2016.

Conference Materials & Presentations

2008 ALA Annual Conference – Anaheim, CA