72/74 Tradd Street Ownership History Scrapbooks


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This scrapbook features a compilation of original deeds, titles, and other documents related to the transfer, sale, and ownership of 72-74 Tradd Street, known now as the Fotheringham-McNeil Tenements. Documents span the years 1765 to 1961, and likely represent the entire history of the ownership of the double tenement throughout that time period. The scrapbook also includes blueprints and photographs.

The scrapbook was created ca. 1963 by Thomas (Tommy) Thornhill who owned the house from 1958-1980. He had received the documents from the previous owner, Eola Willis, at the time he purchased the property. As a long-time preservationist, Mr. Thornhill knew that the documents required the attention of professional archivists. He sent the oldest documents to the South Carolina Department of Archives & History for repair and also to create plastic sleeves in which to house the documents.

He then bound the sleeves, some containing more than one document, between two wood covers connected by screws at the left hinged edge. Using a wood-burning took, Mr. Thornhill etched the title “72 Tradd” onto the front cover, creating this unique and complete documentary scrapbook.

The scrapbook consists of thirty-one sleeves, measures 27 x 21 x 2 inches, and weighs approximately 15 pounds. The descriptive information represents both the scrapbook as a whole, including the documents and photographs affixed to the inside of the covers, along with each individual document within the sleeves.


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