Benjamin H. Rutledge Family Papers, 1675-1867


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The Benjamin H. Rutledge Family Papers, 1675-1867, collection includes a bound volume kept by politician and attorney general, Charles Pinckney, 1699-1758. Following the death of his first wife, Charles Pinckney married Eliza Lucas, 1722-1793, a successful women credited with the development of the Indigo industry in South Carolina. Together, the couple had four children: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a Founding Father, signer of the United States Constitution and two-time elected presidential candidate in 1804 and 1808, a daughter named Harriott Pinckney, Thomas Pinckney, candidate for Vice-President in 1796 and U.S. minister to Great Britain and George Lucas Pinckney who died in infancy.  

The Charles Pinckney Account Book covers the year 1753 and records rental rolls, listings of enslaved persons, lists of titles, acreage allotments and deeds of real estate. Many of the enslaved referenced in the account book are listed by first name, members of their family, as well as their age.