Business Guide of Charleston, SC


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Directory of local businesses of all sorts. Published by Cooke, Howard & Co. (Baltimore, Md.), ca. 1889. Advertisements interspersed throughout, many of which are illustrated. Business types include bakers and confectioners, barbers, blacksmiths, building materials, butchers, contractors and builders, cigars and tobacco, groceries, furniture, hotels, insurance, house furnishings, painters, plumbers, railroad companies, restaurants, sailmakers, tailors, tin roofing, undertakers, wines and liquors, wheelwrights, and others. Also includes listings for municipal and state government, with names of offices and officers; listings of cemeteries, parks, halls, public buildings, and other points of interest; and a street directory that includes boundaries. In addition to an alphabetical index, the business guide is arranged by type. Missing map. 130 p., ill., 18 cm. (Note: Page numbering starts at 4 on the title page verso, after six unnumbered preliminary pages.)


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