Charleston Museum Collection of Revolutionary War Letters


This collection contains Revolutionary War military correspondence between the years of 1774-1783. The bulk of the letters are written to Major General Nathanael Greene and are chiefly concerned with strategic matters including reports on engagements and the movement of both American and British forces, procurement of arms and supplies, and issues of manpower with the drafting of men and desertion. Among the correspondents are John Laurens, Henry Laurens, John B. Ashe, Baron Steuben, Joseph Martin, Benjamin Lincoln, William Davies, William Heath, Stephen Drayton, Gouverneur Morris, William Pierce, Francis Marion, William Moultrie, Horatio Gates, Daniel Morgan, John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, Governor Abner Nash, John Hancock, Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, Mann Page, John Page, Royal Flint, Charles Pettit and Henry Lee.


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