The Hospital Herald Collection, 1899-1900


The Hospital Herald was the official organ of the Association of Colored Physicians of South Carolina, edited by Dr. Alonzo C. McClennan, surgeon in charge of the Hospital and Training School for Nurses at 135 Cannon Street, Charleston, S.C. Dr. McClennan edited the Hospital Herald, a monthly journal devoted to hospital work, nurse training, and domestic and public hygiene. In addition to writing about health-related matters, Dr. McClennan used the Hospital Herald for fundraising. The Hospital and Training School relied on donations from individuals and institutions to sustain itself. Donations included money, linens, furniture, food, and supplies. The Hospital Herald was used to promote other events such as community fairs, teas, and in later years, radio-thons, tele-thons, and even a “womanless” wedding, featuring physicians.