Mary Lamboll Thomas Beach Papers, 1822-1890


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The Mary Lamboll Thomas Beach papers, 1822-1890 (bulk 1822-1823), collection consists of sixteen letters written by Mary Beach (1770-1851), a member of the Circular Congregational Church in Charleston, South Carolina and wife of New Jersey native Samuel Beach (1761-1793). Sent to her sister Elizabeth Lamboll Thomas Gilchrist (1771-1852) of Philadelphia, (Pa.), the letters concern religious and family matters as well as events in Charleston during the summer of 1822, mostly discussing the slave insurrection planned by Denmark Vesey (approximately 1767-1822), his trial and execution. Details in these letters include references to Vesey, one of his lieutenants Rolla Bennett, rumors circulating about the current insurrection and the fear of another, and Lamboll’s personal opinions surrounding the events.


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