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These oral histories, a part of the SC LGBTQ: Oral Histories, Archives, and Outreach Project, are narratives of mostly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) people in South Carolina. The oral histories are archived in Special Collections at the College of Charleston’s Addlestone Library and are part of the SC LGBTQ’s mission to also collect and make accessible archival collections that document the LGBTQ experience in the Lowcountry and beyond. In these oral histories, members of the LGBTQ community (and some allies) of different races, ages, genders, identities and places of origin, speak of their personal and professional lives, their knowledge of, and connections to, numerous LGBTQ related institutions, causes, political movements, and spaces, as well as societal and familial expectations they have encountered, with attention paid to coming-out stories, and reports of experiences with prejudice and homophobia. Many narrators also express their opinions on the obstacles and opportunities facing the community. The collection also includes recordings of presentations and panel discussions on a variety of LGBTQ issues, both current and historical. There are other recordings, earlier LGBTQ radio show interviews, and oral histories available within the collection that are not online and may be accessed by contacting project staff or staff in Special Collections.

The SC LGBTQ: Oral Histories, Archives, and Outreach Project was made possible by initial support from the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation and continues through the generosity of donors like you. To learn more or support the project, visit the website:


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