The Samuel Badger Papers, 1767-1773


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The Samuel Badger Papers, 1767-1773 collection is comprised of loose papers and letters between members of the Badger family discussing personal, family and religious matters. These correspondences sent between Charleston (S.C.) and Boston (Mass) are written by Charleston tailor Samuel Badger, his wife Abigail Jarvis Badger, his sister Elizabeth Jarvis, mother Katherine Badger and brother-in-law Thomas Jarvis. One undated letter found in this collection is written by Katherine Hudson and is addressed to multiple people including her cousin Mrs. Noyce, and brothers Joseph Badger, Samuel Badger and William Badger. Loose papers in the collection include a 1772 bond for an enslaved female as well as a copy of the last will and testament of Jean Atkins of Charleston (S.C.).


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