The Storm Swept Coast of South Carolina


The Storm Swept Coast of South Carolina describes damage and recovery efforts in Beaufort, South Carolina, and the surrounding coastal area after the hurricane of August 27, 1893. Accounts from hurricane survivors describe the destruction of homes, crops, boats, wharves, bridges, railroads, and other infrastructure in the area. The author, Mrs. R. C. Mather, recounts the recovery efforts she and others undertook throughout the following year. Mather, who created The Mather School in 1867 to educate the daughters of liberated slaves, continued her work after the hurricane by providing clothing, blankets, tools, seeds, and other provisions to the needy. Interspersed throughout the 14 chapters of the book are poems and biblical passages, reflecting the author’s deep religious faith.

For images of Beaufort after the 1893 hurricane, please see the companion collection, the Beaufort Hurricane of 1893 Photograph Collection.


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