Charleston City Records Collection


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The Charleston Library Society’s copy of the City of Charleston’s 1931¬†Report of the City Planning and Zoning Commission Upon a Program for the Development of a City Plan with Specific Studies of Certain Features Thereof¬†was prepared for the city by Morris Knowles, Inc. The report contributes to the growing work surrounding the acknowledgement of race-based policies that the City relied on following its adoption of many of the report’s recommendations. It consists of 77 leaves and a number of maps and foldouts. The report deals particularly with the park, playground, and school districting phases of the City’s plan. Additionally, it contains details on a suggested major thoroughfare plan. The Library received the report from the College of Charleston in May of 1965. In collaboration with the City of Charleston’s Records Management Division, the Library shares the text of the firm’s finding in conjunction with the accompanying maps provided by the City office.


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