City of Spartanburg Collection


Although founded in 1787, the courthouse village of Spartanburg was without any independent town or city government until 1831, when the little town of a few hundred residents received its official incorporation from the state government. At that point, eligible citizens within one mile of the courthouse were able to elect an Intendant and four wardens, who were empowered to enact laws and collect taxes within the parameters allowed by the state. Since that time, Spartanburg city government has been a vital component in the development of the entire region, leading major initiatives and reacting to the times. This collection of minute books, official documents, photographs, and publications, all generated or collected by city government, illuminates chapters in our community’s history that were overlooked by newspapers and other sources. As this collection grows, it will include city planning materials, Urban Renewal documents and photographs, portraits of elected officials, and a wealth of additional items generated by the city during its long history.