Reverend Alexander Glennie Meteorological Observations, 1834-1880


Bound volumes containing charts (graphs and tables) pertaining to weather and the meteorological observations of Alexander Glennie taken in All Saints Parish and at Georgetown, South Carolina.

Glennie’s records include thermographic, hygrometric, and barometric readings, as well as the number of inches of rainfall each day. Charts note the wind direction and velocity and include observations about the weather (fine, cloudy, variable, loud thunder, and similar remarks). Selected observations were made three times during the day. Volumes 1-6 (1830-1843, 1844-1849, 1849-1852, 1853-1857, 1858-1862, and 1863-1880) contain daily records for All Saints Parish. Volume 7 (1838-1867) contains monthly averages for All Saints Parish. Volume 8 (1868-1880) contains daily records for Georgetown.