Medical University of South Carolina University Bulletins, 1878-2002


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The MUSC Bulletin is an official publication of the Medical University of South Carolina primarily for students. Beginning in 1825 as a simple list of Medical College students, graduates, and faculty, the Bulletin expanded over time to include additional information about the curriculum, facilities, hospital access and privileges, fees, and admission and graduation requirements. Over the years, the publication has been called a Catalogue, Circular, and Annual Announcement. As the institution grew and added schools of Pharmacy (1882), Nursing (1919), Graduate Studies (1949), and Dental Medicine (1964), each school published its announcement separately. Finally, when the institution earned university status in 1969, a comprehensive bulletin containing all six colleges was printed as one publication. Today, the MUSC Bulletin is the “document of authority for all students.” It includes comprehensive information about MUSC, its mission, academic calendars, student policies and guidelines, information about the colleges and their respective degree programs, the honor code, and tuition and fees.