South Carolina Medical Association Oral History Collection


The South Carolina Medical Association oral history collection consists of oral history interviews of 24 past presidents of the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA). The former presidents discuss their educational backgrounds, careers in medicine, and the major issues affecting the field of medicine and SCMA during their tenures as president. The physicians also offer their perspectives on the state and future of medicine at the time the interviews were conducted. The topics include: health care costs, malpractice insurance, health care reform, state medicine, physician participation in medical organizations, early perceptions of the AIDs epidemic, and health care access and quality, particularly in rural South Carolina. The interviews were conducted by Drs. Laurie L. Brown, M.D., Charles S. Bryan, M.D., and MUSC student Bryan Robinson, and video-recorded by Dr. Allen Brown, M.D., and MUSC student Manya Greene between 1992 and 1994.