Berkeley County (S.C.) Memories – Daniel E. Smith, Jr. Collection


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Thomas Smith, born in Exeter, Devon, England in 1648, came to South Carolina in 1684. He became a Landgrave in 1691 and Governor of South Carolina in 1693. His son, Judge Thomas Smith, Jr., Second Landgrave (1670-1738) bequeathed to his brother and sons acres of his Goose Creek lands, his Wassamasaw lands, and a proportional share of the Cypress Swamp. The hand-drawn surveys in this collection often mention St. James Goose Creek Parish, Wassamasaw and Cypress Swamp. Daniel Earl Smith, Jr., a direct descendent of the Landgraves Smith, is the owner of this collection of surveys and documents. At present, he holds title to more than 150 acres of this land which he has preserved in a family trust.