Clariosophic Literary Society Records of the University of South Carolina


The Clariosophic Literary Society was one of two original student organizations established at South Carolina College in 1806. The Clariosophic and Euphradian Literary Societies sought to prepare their members for future leadership roles by strengthening their oratorical skills. This collection comes from USC’s South Caroliniana Library and comprises 132 volumes of society records, spanning the years 1806 to 1968. These volumes include constitutions and bylaws, membership lists, minutes, roll books, and treasurer’s reports. Also present are critic’s books, which contain descriptions of speech topics and how speakers conducted themselves. The critic’s books and minutes offer a glimpse into matters of interest and importance to USC students from the 1800s to the 1960s. 70 volumes are currently available. We will continue to add to this collection until all 132 volumes are available.